Master Spas® Legend & Down East Spas-Outer Replacement Filter-X268325-PMA45-2004R-M-with Microban®

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This filter is no longer available from the manufacturer. This has been replaced by NEWSTYLESET

The anti-microbial coating of the blue outer filter kills and inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, or protozoa, as well as destroying viruses. The Eco Pur mineral filtration system eliminates the need for up to 95% of chemical use! Outer micro filter can be used in all Master Spas and Down East Spas that are equipped with the
Black Standpipe and Lid.

Filter Details:

Master Spas Part#: X268325
Diameter: 8.25 inches (20.955 cm)
Length: 6.875 inches (17.4625 cm)
Total Length (including top and bottom): 7.50 inches (19.05 cm)
Top Hole: 4.125 inches (10.4775 cm)
Bottom Hole: 4.125 inches (10.4775 cm)
Material Area: 45 Sq feet (Approximately 4 Sq m)
Weight: 1 lb. 9.6 oz. (720 g)

UPC: 090164436432

PMA45-2004R-M ces:
FILBUR FC-1007, FC-1007M