Master Spa - X801070 - Balboa Equipment MS8000 PC Board

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X801070 - Balboa Equipment MS8000 PC Board

You should find MS8000 or Balboa part # 54418 printed on the circuit board.

This is a Genuine OEM Direct Replacement Master Spa Part

MS8000 Circuit Board
V/N: 54418

have also seen this Master board with Part# 53232 on the sticker.

New Balboa Master board is Part# 54418

Suggestions (From a Masterspapartsonline customer):
1). Check the heater terminals on board to be sure they are tight.
2). Recommend to anyone who replaces a board or heater that it would be good idea to purchase new copper connecting strips.
3). Re: Dip Switch Settings: Set up the new board dip switch as the same as the old board so that every function works.

Notes for 2002 Models: This pack comes pre-programmed for your spa, but it will not work correctly if you have the 13 inch TV.

Keep an eye on dip switch setting 6 that deals with the topside panel scrunching, as it will affect how the topside buttons will operate.