Master Spa - X245370 - DSG 6-Spoke Waterfall Diverter Assembly Starting 2009

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X245370 - DSG 6-Spoke Waterfall Diverter Assembly Starting 2009
This part is intended for use with 1 inch inside diameter plumbing

If you open up this unit, you will see a "rotor", you will not see is a ball valve assembly.

You may see LED 602-4460 and 602-4450 on the clear plastic beneath the handle on this par, but beware this number is also on X245380 - DSG 6 Spoke 1 inch LED Diverter Valve (Starting 2009)

On the Black Screw Cap beneath the Domed Handle, you will see
602-4360 (This part number is also in other Master Spas Diverter Assemblies)

On the PVC Plumbing beneath the Waterway Logo, you will see
3/4 B
3/4 S

1 x Master Spas Diverter Valve assembly for Twilight Spas and also for some other models
This unit is sold as an entire assembly, and is not sold separately as components.

Unit Width: 3.75 inches (9.525 cm) [Cap]
Unit Width: 2.625 inches (6.6675 cm) [T-Section]
Unit Height: 5.00 inches (12.70 cm)
Unit Weight: 7.6 oz. (215.4 g)
Plumbing ID: .50 inches (1.27 cm)
Plumbing OD: .75 inches (1.905 cm)

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