Master Spa - AXCVR12 - Axis Spa Cover 12' x 8' for H2X Trainer 12 Spa

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Master Spa - AXCVR12 - Axis Spa Cover 12' x 8' for H2X Trainer 12 Spas

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The Axis Cover System is a premium swim spa cover that exceeds the quality standards found with other similar products.
This unique swim spa cover system is constructed of several layers to provide the highest quality of protection and insulation available for your swim spa for an unmatched fit and finish.
Here are the materials utilized that make this swim spa cover so high-quality:

• Vinyl Face Coat – The utilization of a vinyl face coat ensures optimal weather protection that can extend the life of both your swim spa cover and the swim spa itself.
• Adhesive Coat – This swim spa cover system utilizes a unique adhesive coat that permeates fibers and forms a monolithic molecular bond.
• Architectural Fabric – This layer consists of tightly woven, high-strength fibers that can help provide superior tear and puncture resistance.
• Vinyl Back Coat – The utilization of a proprietary vinyl back coat in this swim spa cover system provides abrasion resistance to further extend the life of your swim spa cover system with extended use.
• Insulation Bag – The inclusion of a proprietary 5-layer insulation bag provides optimal energy efficiency that is unmatched on the market currently.

Here are some reasons why the Axis Cover System is such a great product:

• Energy Efficient
• Marine Grade
• Steel Reinforced Design
• Outperforms Bifold Covers
• Ease of Use
• Single Person Accessibility
• No Moving Parts
• Exceeds Industry Standards

Master Spa Model: H2X Trainer 12 Spas

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