Master Spa - 30240UBK - VGB Compliant 256/179 GPM Suction Cover

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30240UBK - VGB Compliant 256/179 GPM Suction Cover

Suction cover for Master Spas made before 2009:
Regarding VGB law and guidelines, the suction covers that were used previous to 2009 are no longer available.
In order for your hot tub to be VGB compliant you will need to replace all the suction covers.

This part is not guaranteed for any specific year or range of years for Suction Cover Repairs.

Outside Diameter: 4.8125 inches (12.22375 cm)
Inside Diameter: 4.0625 inches (10.31875 cm)

(Where it attaches)
Inside Depth: 1.50 inches (3.81 cm)
Height: 1.4375 inches (3.65125 cm)
Weight: 2.0 oz. (60 g)
Attaches by 1 (one) center screw (included)

Cover Diameter: 4-7/8 inch
Suction Fitting Part Type: Cover
Color: Black
Wall Flow Rate: 211gpm
Manufacturer: Balboa Water Group

Notes: We recommend that you use the original screw from your spa when replacing the suction cover.
These are not Original Manufacturer's Replacement Parts designed specifically for Master Spas Tubs.
They are not guaranteed to work for all replacement applications.
Check your current covers first to see if these will work for your tub.


VGB is a term referring to compliance with Federal Law:
Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act