Legend Series & Down East Spas - Eco Pur Filter (Old Style 2002 to 2003) - X268057 - PMAEP3

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This Master Spas Eco Pur mineral filter cartridge with handle is a filter used on all Master Spas and Down East Spas models dating from 2002-2003. This filter has a closed top with molded handle, and a male threaded bottom fitting that measures 2 inches in inner diameter. It is used in conjunction with the Master Spas Micro Filter, and DOES NOT require the use of the black standpipe and lid.

The unique combination of copper and zinc in the patented EcoPur® filters creates an electro-chemical reaction to eliminate many microorganisms and remove heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

Filter Details:

Master Spas Part#: X268057 PMA-EP3
Top Diameter: 4.8125 inches (12.22375 cm)
Diameter: 4.0 inches (10.16 cm)
Length: 6.875 inches (17.4625 cm)
Bottom Hole: 2.0 inches (5.08 cm)
Total Length (including top and bottom): 8.375 inches (21.2725 cm)
UPC: 690164228022