HT - Stain & Scale Remover- 1 pt.

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Stain & Scale is a very effective in inhibiting the formation of rusty, green, brown, or cloudy water. This discoloration is primarily due from the presence of metallic or mineral impurities, such as copper, iron, and manganese salts in your water supply or the result of corrosive action of acidic water (low pH). Warning: excessive scaling within your water could cause corrosion of your heating element and discoloration of the spa acrylic surface. Proper use of Stain & Scale in cooperation with Protection Plus protects your spa and equipment.

RECOMMENDED USE: Each time you refill your spa add 16 oz of Stain & Scale on spas up to 500 gallons. Stain & Scale should be added while you are filling the spa. Within 24 hours of adding the 16 oz of Stain & Scale you should remove and clean your filter cartridges. For spas with high concentration of minerals or those showing signs of rusty water or scaling be sure to follow a maintenance program of adding 1 oz of Stain & Scale per each 100 gallons of water each week.