FROG Series Test Strips

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Product Size: 50 Test Strips

Easy-to-use FROG® Test Strips are specially designed to test your spa water for precise low chlorine or bromine levels along with pH, total alkalinity and hardness levels. Perfect for use with any Fresh Mineral Water products from FROG, or they can be used with any other sanitizing system for maximum accuracy. Simply dip the test strips into the water and then check the test results on the back of the test strip container.


  • Delivers precise readings for low chlorine or bromine levels in your hot tub.
  • Also tests for pH, total alkalinity hardness and levels.
  • Test strips are easy to use. Just SOAK, SHAKE and SEE your results!
  • Dip the test strip in the water and compare results against the chart on the back of the bottle.

King Technology 01-14-3350