FROG Serene Floating Sanitizing System

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Why limit the peace and serenity of a spa with second rate water care? The Spa FROG Floating System enhances a standard spa up to 600 gallons with its patented delivery of minerals and a low dose of bromine. Spa water stays soft without daily maintenance or the smells of chlorination.

How It Works

The Spa FROG Floater utilizes pre-filled mineral and bromine cartridges that snap into a reusable floating holder and works in any spa. The minerals last up to four full months, while the bromine can be dialed in to your precise needs, usually about three weeks per cartridge. Just snap the cartridges into the floating cap and relax!


  • 1 Floating Cap
  • 1 Mineral Cartridge
  • 1 Bromine Cartridge
  • 1 Spa Frog Test Strips (10 ct)
  • 1 Jump Start Packet


  • Uses minerals to destroy bacteria so chlorine can be reduced to much lower levels
  • Produces soft water without bleached swimsuits or smelly odor

King Technology 01-14-3883