Clarity & Healthy Living -3 Piece Filter Set- (2)X268548-PMA-R3-PMA-EPR-X268532

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This filter set is designed to remove heavy metals, scum, algae, and particulates from your spa for a clean and relaxing experience. Included in the set are one EcoPur® Charge Filter (X268532) and two Large Skimming Filters (X268548). Replacement parts from the manufacturer guarantee an exact fit and match, and are the highest quality available.

This set replaces sets X268906, 268906, CHLComboCharge

2 of X268548 - PMA-R3 - Filter Element - Outer Micro Filter
1 of X268532 - PMA-EPR - Eco Pur Charge

Product Dimensions:
Handle Diameter: 4 3/8 inches
Diameter: 2 1/16 inches
Bottom Hole: 2 inch (Closed Bottom)
Length with Handle and Threads: 7 3/4 inches
UPC: 090164001371

Product Dimensions:
Diameter: 4 7/8 inches
Bottom Hole:
Length with Handle and Threads: 9.3/8 inches
Weight: 1 lb. 3.8 oz.

UPC: 812040029497