Carbon Pre-Filter for Spas

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PREFILTER - Carbon Pre-Filter for Spas

Filters up to 10,000 Gallons

Usage Directions:
· Connect to garden hose
· Flush filter for 30 seconds
· Fill spa to fill line
· Store in a cool, dry place

· Temperature Range: 40-100°F
· Pressure Range: 30-125 ps

Phosphates, Chlorine, Iron
Dust, Tastes, Lead
Rust, Odors, Copper
Grit, Cloudiness, Iron Oxide
Sediment, Colors, V.O.C.'s
Arsenic, Aluminum, Mercury
Cadmium, H2S, Vapors

Manufacturer: 7 Technologies
Model SPA-2000
Connection Type "A" Female Garden Hose Thread (fght)
Connection Size "A" 3/4"
Connection Type "B" Male Garden Hose Thread (mght)
Connection Size "B" 3/4"

Garden Hose Standard Connection
Fitting Connection Size: 0.75 in (1.905 cm)
Hose Thread Size: 0.75 in (1.905 cm)

Length: 13.0 inch (17.78 cm)
Width: 2.5 inch (5.08 cm)
Weight: 7.2 oz. (200 g)