20' x 40' Rectangle with 4' x 8' Left Flush Step Ultra-Loc III Solid with Drains In-Ground Pool Safety Cover

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Exclusively From LOOP-LOC: The Ultra-Loc III Solid Safety Cover with Drain Panels Is Tougher than Tough, Stronger than Strong!

You no longer have to choose between the light weight of a mesh pool cover and the light-blocking benefits of a solid cover. The revolutionary The Ultra-Loc III Solid with Drain Panels gives you the best of both worlds!

Cover Features:

  • Faster draining! Its unique material “bounces back,” so water quickly finds mesh drainage panels!

  • Exclusive computer-aided design ensures a perfect, custom fit for any shape or size pool.

  • Backed by a 15-year pro-rated warranty.

  • Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

  • 33% lighter than typical solid vinyl cover material!

  • Stays tight and beautiful year after year, in any weather!

  • Fits any pool or spa perfectly, from a simple square to a complex installation with a custom cover.

  • Comes with built-in “invisible” mesh drainage panels.

  • It’s available in your choice of several designer colors.

Standards and Certifications:

LOOP-LOC Covers not only meet, but exceed ASTM standards for Safety Swimming Pools Covers F 1346-91. And to show our commitment and dedication to the safety and security of your children and pets, all LOOP-LOC covers have undergone extensive outside testing through Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) and have earned the U.L. seal of approval for safety swimming pool covers.